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HQ plus – Explore the trends on your local hotel market

HQ plus Rate Shopper provides you with the latest information about rates and prices from the online booking systems and will give you an overview of your surrounding competitors as well as the hotel room availability of your entire city or region. This allows you to do a targeted pricing for up to 365 days in advance. Our online rate shopping tool can help you to react early on market changes and maximize your potential revenue.


Do not compare apples and oranges anymore, save time & make more money with HQ rate shopping software! 

We offer the first intelligent, web-based Information Management System for the hotel industry. It analyzes information from online booking sites, event and exhibition providers and other relevant travel sites. HQ plus Rate Shopper is the perfect tool for executives, revenue manager, sales manager and hotel owners.


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HQ plus is

  • The proper hotel rate shopping software for revenue manager, sales manager and hotel owners
  • Perfect for comprehensive market analyses and successful revenue management
  • Your advance for dynamic pricing
  • The optimal hotel rate shopping tool for your ranking optimization
  • Information Management System for the hotel industry

Your biggest benefits

  • Daily updated room rates from our database
  • No time-consuming data administration
  • Availability check in your destination
  • Integrated event calendar for a better valuation of conspicuous shifts of the market
  • HQ plus Online Rate Shopper – Information available 24/7/365